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So I went to a local convention last weekend and managed to spot a couple of Gravity Falls cosplayers. The Grunkle Stan even swindled me out of some money! Little did he know that those -$12 bills are less than worthless!

Mabel (Left) - kilayicosplay

Mabel (Center) - sticherus

Stan - greatsgcreations

None of the Dippers had a tumblr.

I don’t post very often, but look! It’s me (top left)! the Soos that took the photo was awesome :)


"I also did the motion capture" BC


Do you get to make a lot of friends in costuming?

…do you mean at Disney or in general?

Yes, and yes.

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This girl has such a cute town and is so talented!

holy shit that triforce tree stump.  please tell me that is a real thing