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This is my personal/random blog. I post a lot of CATS, Hamsteak, Doctor Who, cosplay, CATS, and Disney. 24, F, Cast Member.

I post a LOT of really stupid random things, (sometimes) including my cosplay/progress pics. If you just want to see my cosplay, please go to MY COSPLAY ONLY BLOG or over on the ANGRY ROBOTS TUMBLR

I love to help people with cosplay, so send me a message and feel free to ask me about anything you might need help with! You can send me one if you just want to chat!


"I also did the motion capture" BC


Do you get to make a lot of friends in costuming?

…do you mean at Disney or in general?

Yes, and yes.

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This girl has such a cute town and is so talented!

holy shit that triforce tree stump.  please tell me that is a real thing

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